American Cancer Society Lung Screening Guideline Update Webinar

This webinar was held November 6, 2023 to announce the new American Cancer Society Lung Screening Guidelines Update. The new guideline recommends yearly screening for lung cancer for people aged 50 to 80 years old who smoke or formerly smoked and have a 20-year or greater pack-year history. The recommended annual screening test for lung cancer is a low-dose computed tomography scan (also called a low-dose CT scan, or LDCT). The guideline, last updated in 2013, is published in the ACS flagship journal, CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

Robert A. Smith, PhD, FSABI, Senior Vice President of Cancer Screening at the American Cancer Society presented on the guideline itself and the research that went into the new recommendations, and Ella Kazerooni, MD, MS, FACR, FACC, FSABI; Chair of the ACS National Lung Cancer Roundtable (ACS NLCRT), presented the ways the ACS NLCRT is working to accelerate lung cancer screening and using the new recommendations.

2023 NLCRT New Guideline Announcement