Lung Cancer Atlas Cover

The Lung Cancer Atlas

The Lung Cancer Atlas is presented by the National Lung Cancer Roundtable and the American Cancer Society. This atlas offers an interactive geographic view of data pertaining to lung cancer in the USA. For instructions of how to use the atlas please review the user guide under the about icon as well as the Lung Cancer Atlas Tutorial Videos.

NLCRT Lung Cancer Dashboard Cover

NLCRT dashboard

The NLCRT dashboard provides a simple interface for exploring data related to lung cancer, including mortality and incidence rates and location of screening facilities. Using a user-friendly API, the Dashboard allows the users to easily focus on specific states and counties of interest and leverages infographics to present data about the selected area of interest in a visual, clear manner. Graphs of mortality and incidence rates are also available, allowing the user to compare counties’ rates as well as compare to the national rate.

USA Map of Screening Centers

State Story Maps

The State Story Maps page lists the lung cancer story maps of individual states. Each story map provides lung cancer information that may include state incidence and mortality statistics, lung cancer coalition and advocacy groups, and inspiring survivor stories.