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The National Lung Cancer Roundtable (NLCRT) is a national coalition of public, private, and voluntary organizations dedicated to reducing the incidence of and mortality from lung cancer in the United States, through coordinated leadership, strategic planning, and advocacy. The NLCRT’s focus is on promoting increased lung cancer awareness, prevention, early detection, and assurance of optimal therapy through public education, provider education, targeted research, and health policy initiatives.

If you have an idea, a suggestion, or a recommendation regarding lung cancer that you would like to share with the NLCRT, please send us the suggestion via the link on our contact page.

It takes many voices to create an effective coalition – a coalition committed to increasing the prevention and early detection of lung cancer. The NLCRT is comprised of Member Organizations and invited individuals who reflect a broad involvement in lung cancer prevention and early detection. If your organization is interested in becoming a member of the NLCRT, please visit our Membership Overview and download an application.

We appreciate the strong, heartfelt interest many individuals feel in their desire to work toward the elimination of suffering from lung cancer. The NLCRT is an organization in which the membership is made up primarily of other organizations and invited experts. Those interested in engaging in individual advocacy efforts should feel free to get in touch with Member Organizations that are better suited to putting the energy of individuals to good use.

You can send a check made out to the American Cancer Society and be sure to write “National Lung Cancer Roundtable” on the memo line. The check should be mailed to Lauren Rosenthal, MPH, Director, National Lung Cancer Roundtable, American Cancer Society 250 Williams Street NW, Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 30303. Please note that the Roundtable is not capable of receiving online donations at this time.

If you have questions about lung cancer, information may be found by exploring the resources offered by NLCRT Members. Links to organization websites are included, many of which are specifically set up to assist those who are recently diagnosed.

If you or someone you know needs information regarding lung cancer, general information may be found by exploring the resources offered by NLCRT Members. Links to organization websites are included.

Please use the form on our Contact Us Page.

American Cancer Society – 1-800-227-2345