Early Detection Research Articles

The NLCRT will reduce lung cancer mortality through the promotion of awareness, risk reduction, tobacco prevention and treatment, and early detection (screening and nodule detection and management).

Sahar L, Douangchai Wills VL, Liu KK, Kazerooni EA, Fedewa SA, Rosenthal LS, Dyer D, Kazerooni EA, Smith RA. Geographic Access to Lung Cancer Screening Among Eligible Adults Living in Rural and Urban Environments in the United States. CANCER (2022). DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/cncr.33996. ***

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Fathi JT, White CS, Greenberg GM, Mazzone PJ, Smith RA, Thomson CC. The Integral Role of the Electronic Health Record and Tracking Software in the Implementation of Lung Cancer Screening-A Call to Action to Developers: A White Paper from the National Lung Cancer Roundtable. CHEST. 2020;157: 1674-1679.

Fedewa SA, Kazerooni EA, Studts JL, Smith RA, Bandi P, Sauer AG, Cotter M, Sineshaw HM, Jemal A, Silvestri GA. State Variation in Low-Dose CT Scanning for Lung Cancer Screening in the United States. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2020.

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Silvestri GA, Goldman L, Burleson J, Gould M, Kazerooni E, Mazzone PJ, Rivera MP, Doria-Rose P, Rosenthal LS, Simanowith M, Smith RA, Tanner NT, Fedewa S. Characteristics of Persons Screened for Lung Cancer in the United States. (accepted, Annals of Internal Medicine) ***