Peter Mazzone, MD, MPH

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Steering Committee Member 

Peter J. Mazzone, MD, MPH, FCCP, is the Director of the Lung Cancer Program and Lung Cancer Screening Program for the Respiratory Institute of the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Mazzone received his medical degree from the University of Western Ontario and his Masters in Public Health from Cleveland State.

Dr. Mazzone’s research has focused on many aspects of the Pulmonologists’ role in the field of lung cancer, including prevention, screening, nodule management, diagnosis, staging, and pre-operative evaluation. He has a particular interest in the discovery and validation of non-invasive molecular biomarkers.

Dr. Mazzone has led projects resulting in policy statements related to the “Components Necessary for High-Quality Lung Cancer Screening”, “Quality Indicators for the Evaluation of Patients With Lung Cancer”, and “Evaluating Molecular Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer”. He has participated in the development of policy statements related to smoking cessation in lung cancer screening, co-morbidities and lung cancer screening, implementation of lung cancer screening, and the identification of lung nodule research priorities. He led a recent update of guidelines for lung cancer screening for the American College of Chest Physicians, and has participated in the development of lung nodule management guidelines. He has had leadership or advisory roles in organizations with an interest in lung cancer, including the ACCP, ATS, ALA, and ACS.  He represented the ACCP and ATS in lung cancer screening advocacy efforts presented to CMS. He served as chair of the program committee for the ACCP’s Chest 2017 meeting, and has been Chair of the Thoracic Oncology NetWork for Chest. He has previously served the Thoracic Oncology Assembly of the American Thoracic Society as a member of the Nominating Committee and Planning Committee, which he chaired from 2015-2017.