2022 Webinars on Lung Cancer

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Conversations in Lung Cancer Podcast Series

The new Pleural Space | Conversations in Lung Cancer podcast series is about the work being done in lung cancer and health equity. The series was created by the American College of Radiology and the NLCRT.

Podcasts in The Power of Partnerships collection are listed below. They highlight collaborations among patients, primary care, pulmonology, radiology, and health equity experts who share new data and existing programs aimed at increasing lung cancer screening rates in the underserved population.

Season 2: The Power of Partnerships

Stigma and Nihilism in Lung Cancer Care and Control (Part 1)

Dr. Jamie Studts and patient advocates Jill Feldman and Jim Pantelas discuss stigma surrounding lung cancer from internal and external sources and the work being done to combat stigma.


Stigma and Nihilism in Lung Cancer Care and Control (Part 2)

Dr. Jamie Studts continues the conversation about stigma and nihilism from the clinician-scientist perspective with Dr. Jamie S. Ostroff and Dr. Lisa Carter-Harris, including how language contributes to stigma and the new International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) language guide.


Social Determinants of Health and Lung Cancer Care and Control

Dr. Ruth Carlos, Dr. Lucy Spalluto, and patient advocate Andrea Borondy-Kitts discuss social determinants of health and how they affect lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, including what disparities currently exist, how policy changes could reduce those disparities, and how to move closer to health equity.


Lung Cancer Screening and the Veteran Experience: Past, Present, and Future

Dr. Nichole Tanner, nurse practitioner Shannon Magee, and experienced patient advocate Jim Pantelas discuss the unique challenges of treating lung cancer through the Veterans Administration (VA) hospital system and the support provided to veterans before and after diagnosis.


Patient and Family-Centered Care in Lung Cancer

Dr. Debra Dyer and experienced patient advocates Rhonda Meckstroth and Gina Hollenbeck talk about shifting lung cancer from a more quantitative perspective to a patient and family-centered one, including changing the face of lung cancer and how medicine can further support patients beginning immediately after diagnosis.


Patients Are Looking For A Community: How Lung Cancer Advocacy Works

For the 2022 National Patient Recognition Week, Elridge Proctor of the Go2 Foundation sits down with Heidi and Pierre Onda of the White Ribbon Project and Nichelle Stigger from LUNGevity to discuss how they went from patient to patient advocates and the ways those without lung cancer can use their voices for change.


Reaching Vulnerable Populations

Continuing the focus on patients, Dr. Efrén J. Flores speaks with Dr. Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang, Alexandra L. Potter, and Angela Zhou from the American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative about outreach to populations vulnerable to lung cancer that are underserved in lung screening.


Thoracic Surgery and the Modern Paradigm for Screening Nodule Management

To wrap up our “Power of Partnerships” series, Dr. Douglas Wood has a conversation about the thoracic surgeon’s role in lung cancer with fellow thoracic surgeons Dr. Leah Backhus, Dr. Tom Varghese, and Dr. Farhood Farjah.