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New Website Aims to Save Lives by Helping Institutions Launch Lung Cancer Screening Programs

The American Thoracic Society and the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative have launched a new website and online toolkit to help medical institutions implement and manage a lung cancer screening program.

Lung Cancer Alliance Launches Awareness Campaign

Responding to the need to increase national awareness about lung cancer screening and encourage those at risk to talk with their doctor, Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) is announcing today the launch of a new campaign, “What About Your Lungs?,” to help drive this important public health initiative.

2018 Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act

Priority focus on accelerated research and preventive screening services for women impacted by lung cancer was announced by Congress on January 30, 2018 with the reintroduction of the Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act into both the Senate (S. 2358) and the House (H.R. 4897). The legislation was first introduced in 2016.

NELSON Lung Cancer Screening Study Confirms NLST Results – Widespread Testing is Vital

Results of the Dutch/Belgium Nelson Randomized Controlled Trial of Lung Cancer Screening were presented at the IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer in Toronto on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. The results showed that high-risk patients invited to annual lung cancer screening with low-dose CT were less likely to die from lung cancer compared with a group not invited to screening. These results reinforce the findings of the U.S. National Lung Screening Trial (NLST), and current recommendations that high risk current and former smokers undergo regular screening.

Oncogene Collaboration Initiative: Commitment Launched at the Biden Cancer Initiative Summit
Passage of Historic Appropriations Bill Cements Funding for Lung Cancer Research
The Future Could be Bright for Implementation of Lung Cancer Screening in the UK.