Phase II – Strategy and Planning
Step 5 – Create Action Plan

Take Action! Create a Coalition Action Plan

An action plan will help to keep you on track during implementation and ensure that there is agreement on partner roles and responsibilities. Work collaboratively with your partners to create an action plan that includes your SMART goals and the recommended elements for an action plan listed below.

Create an Action Plan Worksheet

Elements of an Action Plan

Priority Area

Consider choosing 1-3 priorities to focus on at first. You can add as more resources are available to allow expansion.

Target Population

Consider who you want your priorities to impact. You may want to impact a broad population or a very specific population. It helps to define this so that your activities are focused and you involve the appropriate partners.


The more specific you can be, the better. If an activity has a lot of steps, you can break it into sub-activities.


When will the activities occur? Depending on your initiative’s timeline, you might break this down by year, quarter, or month.


Who will oversee this and contribute to this activity? This may be a task group with a chairperson or a program manager keeping everyone on task.


How are things going with this activity? This is useful when you start tracking progress.

Success Metrics

Make sure you have baseline data for your priorities and goals. Later you will be able to measure your progress.

A Helpful Worksheet

Create an Action Plan With Corresponding Roles and Responsibilities Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to map out the action plan for your initiative.