Phase III – Implement and Grow
Step 1 – Maintain Engagement

Take Action! Employ Strategies to Maintain Engagement

Maintain engagement to keep your current partners engaged, bring in new partners, see the impact of your work, and build upon or scale-up your successful activities.

Maintain Engagement Worksheet


Schedule regular check-ins with individual partner organizations or task groups.

Share Status

Make the status of activities available to all collaborators to ensure accountability.


Remind partners of the overarching goal frequently.


Create a short summary of your action plan to share with partners, volunteers, and others you want to engage.


Regular communication ensures that barriers to engagement are addressed quickly.


Celebrate successes along the way, even small successes.

Tips and Troubleshooting

This section provides insights from coalition leaders on how to overcome common challenges related to maintaining momentum.

Common Challenge

  • Coalition membership is declining.


Consider using a partnership self-assessment tool to identify what might not be working for your coalition members. Hearing from them might help you identify an issue you did not realize was causing problems.

Review the coalition self-assessment tools and other engagement strategies in the Nine Habits of Successful Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalitions Guide. 

Helpful Worksheets

Maintain Engagement Worksheet

This worksheet will help you keep your partners engaged.