State-Based Initiative Planning Tool

Whether you are new to lung cancer coalition-building or not, this planning tool will help you to succeed in building a state-based coalition to support the goals of the National Lung Cancer Roundtable.

The planning tool consists of three phases displayed in the accordion below. Each phase includes multiple action steps that the coalition team can take to progress toward the coalition goals and outcomes.

Open each phase to see the related steps and navigate to each step for additional information, or click the link below to jump right in.

State-Based Coalition Planning Tool Webinar

This 1-hour webinar was held on November 7, 2022, to plan the launch of the State-Based Initiatives Planning Tool.

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Phase I: Getting Started

The first phase of the planning process is all about getting started. In this phase, you should assess the landscape of existing public health efforts to avoid duplication, build a network of partners with common interests in lung cancer, and establish an organizational structure to help partners work together to achieve the coalition goals.

Phase II: Strategy and Planning

The second phase of the planning process is to hold a kickoff meeting and engage the team in identifying sources of funding, project priorities, and setting goals that can be added to your new action plan.

Phase III: Implement and Grow

The third and final phase of the planning process is the implementation and growth phase. This phase is an exciting one because it contains the transition from planning into implementation. You get to see your team in action and make visible progress to change and improve the landscape of lung cancer activities.

Combined Worksheets and Resources for the Planning Tool

The following worksheets and resources can help you to plan your initiative.

Phase I Combined Worksheets
Phase II Combined Worksheets
Phase III Combined Worksheets
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The National Lung Cancer Roundtable (NLCRT) is thankful for the financial support from its partners and the American Cancer Society that propel this work forward. We especially wish to thank the NLCRT State-Based Initiatives Task Group for their expertise and the many hours of review and deliberation that went into developing the State Coalition Guide. We also wish to thank Small Spark Consulting for coordinating the project. For a full list of acknowledgments, click here.