What do Patients Need and Want to Know Before Lung Cancer Surgery and/or Radiation Treatment?

In response to the positive feedback and requests for encore presentations from our 2023 Annual Meeting’s topic-based concurrent sessions, ACS NLCRT will feature 9 panel presentations as part of our 2024 webinar series. Topics include implementation science, tobacco treatment, oncology navigation, multimodality therapy, patients as partners in research, and more.

The third webinar in our Annual Meeting Encore Series will feature presentations by Douglas Wood, MD; Thomas K. Varghese Jr. MD, MS, MBA; Drew Moghanaki, MD, MPH; and Terri Ann DiJulio. This session is intended to bring surgeons, radiation oncologists, and patients together to discuss what patients should know in choosing between local therapies, and what they should know in preparing for surgery or radiation and the recovery and consequences of therapy. It will be augmented by the patient voices of what patients want to know to help physicians be better attuned to the issues that are most important to patients as they consider and undergo therapy for early stage lung cancer. This webinar was hosted May 30, 2024 at 10 AM ET.