LungPLAN Support Resources

An Overview Brochure to Share with Your Team

This brochure introduces you to the new LungPLAN spreadsheet modeling tool for generating predictive financial reports for your planned or existing lung cancer screening and nodule management facilities.

You can generate the first predictive financial reports of your lung program by answering a few simple initial questions about your facility type, patient volume and growth rate, lung cancer incidence rates, the impact of patient navigators, and your approximate infrastructure costs.

How to Use the New-Generation LungPLAN Forecasting Model

This user manual explains how you can use the features of the spreadsheet to identify the financial value of a new or existing Lung Cancer Screening and Lung Nodule Management Program at your organization.

Topics include your facility type, the patient volume in your workflow, lung cancer incidence rates, and investment costs to support the programs such as nurse navigators, software for tracking patients, and infrastructure costs. You’ll have a reasonable financial model working within an hour of downloading the program.

Video Training Series

Training videos are available to show you how to model the startup and expansion of your lung cancer early detection and nodule management program.

LungPLAN Slide Presentation Template

This PowerPoint presentation template enables you to quickly and easily create a business case to present to your team.

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